Introducing Early Entry Tickets for Select Events

Early Entry Tickets can now be purchased for select events which allows entry for a limited number of people from 11:30am – 12noon. €5 per person.  Click Here for details!

Buy and Sell Pre-Loved Baby Goods

The Baby Market runs events around Ireland in which parents buy & sell pre-loved baby, children and maternity goods.  If your kids are grown and you’re left with an attic full of unwanted items, contact us to take a stall or sell items for you.  If you are a new or expectant parent, we can help you save hundreds of  euro’s by offering nearly new items at a fraction of the cost! The events are always abuzz with parents haggling and passing on advice, so come along for an affordably fun afternoon!

We all want the best for our children.  But does that really mean buying brand new STUFF??
Or does it mean saving money for more important things, and reducing the landfills that our kids will have to deal with when they grow up? have been attending the events in Cork for the last 12 months or so. They have all been excellently organised, lots of promotion in advance and on the day it’s all been well planned and run. We find the market is a great opportunity to meet our customers, as an online business we don’t get a lot of chances to do that. We would definitely recommend it as a place to meet expectant and new mums if that’s your target market.

Vicki O'Callaghan

I am expecting my baby in a few months and I came home with everything I needed!  I saved over €400 and got loads of advice. The Baby Market was superb! Laura, new mum


It took 2 carloads to bring every thing to the market to sell.  When the day was over, there was nearly nothing left. I can’t recommend the Baby Market enough! Caroline, Mum of 2, Cork



Events in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Navan, Killarney, Kilkenny, Galway & Carlow.  See a list of some of the items for sale at these events!


Nearly new baby, child & maternity items selling at a fraction of the new cost, you’ll wonder why you ever considered buying new!


If you are a parent wanting to declutter, either reserve a stall and sell your own items, or set a price for your items & we will sell them for you.

Business & Handcraft

If you would like to promote your own business or craft, contact us today!  First priority given to local businesses.

Contact us Now to Register for a Stall, or for More Information!